I was born in Toronto, Canada in 1949. I picked up a camera at the age of eighteen after seeing the Antonioni film 'Blow-Up' and a touring National Film Board exhibition, 'Call Them Canadians'. From that time on photography has been my passion and my professional life.

After graduating from Sheridan College (Applied Photography) in 1971 and from York University (BFA) in 1976, I pursued an interest in black & white social landscape photography. I exhibited widely during this time, surviving through part-time teaching, photo sales and arts grants from The Canada Council and the Ontario Arts Council.

In the mid 1980s I was offered a part-time newspaper job in Toronto. This position led me, eventually, to become a newspaper/magazine photographer, albeit an unusual one, always with a small Leica in my kit.

In 1990, I emigrated to Australia where I worked, over the years, for various newspapers and magazines. Although I found photojournalism interesting, it was never a passion and the nagging compulsion to take candid pictures on the street remained.

These days I live just outside Brisbane, with my wife and our son. I've continued taking pictures and I've recently begun exhibiting - and I still carry that Leica.

Brian Condron, 2018