The Pursuit of Happenstance

Since my early years I have been compelled to take my camera outside and photograph the uncommonness of the everyday. What I find so interesting there is the possibility of surprise in every random occurrence.

My photographs are unscripted exerpts from reality. Their role is to tell a story from a quirky, ironic, sometimes confronting point of view. They are born of those instances when contrasting visual elements intersect, when meaning is uncertain. Juxtaposition, after all, can render tragedy as comedy, the mundane as absurd.

The camera is an instrument superbly designed to isolate these curious slices of life. Its reputation as a credible witness, contrasted with some paradoxical moments, lends a humorous, gently cynical tone.

In the end, however, when novelty and humour are spent, these frozen fractions of time can break your heart.

Brian Condron 2018